4 Hot Trends for the Home

2. Bring Wood Indoors

Faux bois or "fake wood" allows you to bring the natural world into your décor with accents, fabrics and everyday household items. It's basically an artistic imitation of wood or wood grain that ranges from very basic to bright and whimsical. Bringing the outdoors in has never been so easy!


  • Wood Prints: Update your décor naturally with wood grain printed fabrics. Look for wood grain prints or textures on wallpaper, area rugs, towels, pillows, table runners and even bedding. Many of these items come in colors outside of the brown family, so you can match them to your current color scheme.
  • White Wood: Wood imitations are often white to give this natural look a modern twist. The imitations are available in many different forms, from white branch accent pieces and vases to mirrors and picture frames with white branch borders.
  • Functional Wood: It's not just for decoration! Faux bois finishes and wood imitations can be found on and in the form of everyday items such as dishware, coasters, candleholders, table lamps and chandeliers. You can even spruce up your home office with wood grain print notepads, writing paper and binder clips.