4 Hot Trends for the Home

4. Color Me Yellow

Yellow is a hot color that will add a boost of energy to your rooms and remind you of the beautiful, bright sun all year 'round. Experiment with different yellow hues to get the look you want, and try some of these tips for adding color wherever and whenever you need it.


  • Bright Accent Ideas: Add a shot of sunshine to your room by contrasting canary yellow lampshades on white lamps or opt for a subtler look, with a sofa slipcover in a warm, mellow mid-tone.
  • Yellow Blooms: For a simple sunny display for an end table, desk or even centerpiece, find a short, rounded vase and fill it halfway with water. Float a single yellow bloom in the water, such as a daisy or rose for a modern-looking burst of color. Add a teaspoon of bleach to the water to keep the flower looking vibrant longer.
  • Sunny Kitchen: Brighten up the kitchen with lemon yellow placemats, linen napkins or a table runner. Complete the look with yellow dishtowels by the sink and a bowl filled with fresh lemons on the counter.
  • Warm Walls: Choose one wall in a cozy family room or light-filled sunroom to paint a warm orange-yellow color. It creates a focal point that matches well with honey gold wood tones on floors or furniture and white or off-white fabrics.