How to Furnish a Small Space

Cozy Up a Small Space

Your space, large or small, is still home, and part of making it your own is adding personality. Small apartments where the occupants are limited in what they can do to decorate, or have no desire to spend much money on a space they'll be occupying for a limited time are a decorating challenge. Let's take a look at some ways to make a small and possibly temporary spot a good place to come home to:

  • Add incandescent light. Incandescent light is warm light and will help reduce the glare and impersonal look of white walls. Take it a step further and add a stained glass shade. It will offer up some color and interest, especially if the walls are bare.
  • Make a cover up. If you have some ugly spots you can't do much with, try a room divider. Do-it-yourself, wooden room partitions can be decorated with paper, inexpensive fabric or painted canvas. It's an inexpensive and useful solution to covering up an unsightly radiator or exposed pipes, and it's a conversation piece, too.
  • Add some pillows, a few throws and an area rug. It may sound girly, but there's nothing like fabric to make an apartment feel cozy. To help create a casual and friendly atmosphere, try introducing a plaid throw, or a rug with a small printed design that will read solid from a distance.
  • Introduce a few plants. Plants don't have to be a hassle to keep, especially these days. You can buy pots that make watering easier, and even add lights that will help plants grow in any room. Plants are alive, and that can make a big difference in a small, impersonal space. They add texture and dimension to your environment, contribute color and clean the air. Dollar for dollar, they're one of the best decorating choices you can make.
  • Check your retailer's recommendations. A number of furniture and appliance chains, like Pottery Barn, are carrying goods designed especially for decorating and living in small spaces. They'll help you find ways to resize, multi-task, and maximize your storage.

In the next section, you'll find lots more information on decorating and dealing with small living spaces.

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