How to Make Your Own Photography Dark Room

Photography Dark Room Equipment
There should also be room to hang your prints to dry.
There should also be room to hang your prints to dry.

Once you have your area set up, it's time to make a trip to your photo supply store to get the equipment you need to start developing pictures. In the dry area, one of the big budget items is an enlarger to blow up the negative. If money is an object, there are instructions on the Internet for making your own.

You'll also need an easel and a timer, and of course, photo paper. In the wet area, you'll need three sets of trays for the chemicals, sized to fit the photo paper you'll be using for your prints. Three sets of tongs are next on the list, one for each tray to prevent cross contamination.

Hopefully you already have some sort of worktable -- one that sits at counter height is preferable. If not, a 6-foot table propped up on plastic bed risers is a quick way to make one.

You'll also need a dark room light, which can be a costly item. But photo stores often sell just the red bulbs, which are much cheaper and can be used in any light fixture. You'll also need your chemicals for developer and fixer. A solution of water and white vinegar works as a stop bath. Fortunately, the only one you'll have to replace on a regular basis is the developer.

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