How to Press Flowers

Pressing flowers is an enjoyable and easy project that will allow you to keep your spring and summer memories alive through the fall and winter. Pick your favorite flowers at their peak and press them to save them in picture frames, on cards or coasters. Your home can have the beauty of a botanical garden year-round. Read the tips listed below and learn about two ways of pressing flowers.

  • Pressing flowers with books The easiest way to press flowers is to put the flowers in a heavy book. Clean and trim the stem of your flower and place it in a heavy book. Then place another book on top of that. Leave the flower in there for approximately four weeks. Telephone books are ideal because of their heaviness and absorbent pages. To speed up the drying process and protect the pages of your book, layer your flower in paper towels and then place it in the book [source: Sheen].
  • Pressing flowers in the microwave Purchase a microwave-safe flower press from your local craft store. Trim the flowers' stems and place them on a sheet of paper in the press. Let the flowers dry in the press for three to five days. Once the flowers have dried, place the press in the microwave. Turn it on for 35 seconds at a medium heat. Turn the press over and microwave it again for another 20 seconds. Finally, take the flowers out of the press and put them between two pieces of paper. Leave them under a heavy book for approximately an hour [source: Martha Stewart].

Tip: Keep in mind that some varieties of pressed flowers turn out better than others. Flowers, especially those with a single row of petals, such as cosmos and geraniums, are ideal for pressing. Flowers, such as peonies, lilies and large roses don't turn out as well [source: Martha Stewart].