Hotel Time! How to Tell Your Adult Child the Bedroom's Gone

To watch them fly, you have to let them go -- even if you have to shove them out the door!
To watch them fly, you have to let them go -- even if you have to shove them out the door!

Evicting an adult child from the nest sounds easy, but it usually isn't. You have a deep and profound connection to your kids, and encouraging them to lead independent lives can be painful -- for both of you. The fact that we're living through the worst economic downturn in decades doesn't help. You've been protecting your kids, possibly since you weren't much more than a kid yourself. Abandoning one of them now may seem cruel and wrong, even if your own resources are stretched to the limit or beyond.

When your resentment is warring with your parental instinct to protect and defend, it's time to do something about it. You won't be around forever, and as a responsible and loving parent, your job isn't finished until your kids can function without your helping hand -- or a handout.

If you watch nature videos, check out the ones about kangaroos. Female kangaroos carry their babies around in handy marsupial body pouches. Minute and helpless, a kangaroo baby is warm and protected in a cozy pouch where he starts to grow, and grow, and grow. Eventually, the mother kangaroo is staggering around trying to support the considerable weight of her big offspring until he decides he's ready to greet the real world. If this sounds strangely familiar, there are things you can do to help your child embrace adult responsibility and independence without feeling like you're abandoning him.


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