How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Craft Room

Craft Room Furniture

A desk, tall shelves and cubbies give an organized crafter room to work.
A desk, tall shelves and cubbies give an organized crafter room to work.

As with any workspace, having the right furniture makes all the difference in getting work done. The needs of a craft room are pretty simple: Crafters need a place to work and a place to store their stuff. The worktable is perhaps the single most important piece of furniture. You'll want something with an ample table surface and a height that keeps you comfortable during long stretches of gluing and stitching. A drafting table that can rotate and angle is a good choice.

A good chair is also a sound investment. Drafting chairs, which look like the giraffe version of a regular office chair, are good choices because they offer the comfort and wheels of a cushioned office chair with the height of a stool.

You'll need good lighting -- a combination of an ambient overhead light along with task lights at each station. And of course, ample shelving is a must. Modular cubbies along with a combination of wall shelves and freestanding shelving units should offer enough options to find a place for just about everything.

If you have a business aspect to your crafting, you may want to have some sort of desk in your craft room as well. But you definitely want this space to be separate from your worktable. Piles of receipts and a long to-do list aren't really very inspiring.