How to Turn a Bedroom Into a Craft Room

Craft Room Organization

Now, that's some organized fabric.
Now, that's some organized fabric.

The key to regular crafting is to have everything ready to go when inspiration strikes. Organization only actually works if you make it a habit to put things back after you're done using them. Creating a dedicated place for everything is helpful for getting into this habit.

Come up with an organizational system that makes sense to you. You can organize by item, by alphabet or by color -- whatever gets your creative juices flowing and makes things easy to find. See through storage is perfect for this. Clear plastic boxes that fit on shelves are great for storing larger items like spools of yarn and sheets of felt, and smaller glass jars are ideal for stashing notions, like buttons and needles. Not only will this make them easy to locate, but the wide range of colors will also add a decorative element.

A pegboard hung on the wall is perfect for hanging tools in plain sight that you use regularly, like your scissors and glue gun. You can even outline them to remind yourself what goes on that hook. A large bulletin board is a must as an inspiration board to hang magazine pages or fabric swatches for visions of future projects.

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