9 Methods to Illuminate the Color in Your Home

Flowers add colorful flair to any room.
Flowers add colorful flair to any room.

Almost everyone assumes to change the color in their home they've got to start with a can of paint and a brush. But with a few creative touches, your décor can take on a brand new color scheme. From pillows to rugs, we'll explain how colorful accents improve the look of your home without the time or cleanup.


Brighten Your Pillows

If you have a dark room, and you want to lighten it up for spring, add a few bright-colored throw pillows to accent your furniture.


Get Creative with Curtains

Many window treatments are available only in basic and uninspiring color treatments. Spice things up by changing out your current window treatments with a handmade, colorful version. Cut out geometric shapes from foam paper you can get at a craft store and string them together with fishing line. Hang strings from a decorative rod to finish off the look. If you can't sew, buy a decorative curtain rod, and simply drape a bold-colored piece of fabric over it. You may be surprised at just how stunning this simple approach can look. Sew dollies onto curtains to add a decorative touch.


Floral Flairs

Group your favorite spring flowers, or scatter single stems, in bud vases around the room to infuse a little freshness and a dash of color into your space. Just remember to dispose of them when the color fades.


Add Art

Whether you buy it from a local gallery or it's a collage of your children's drawings, artwork adds something special to your space. Pick a piece that showcases intense colors but also works well with the existing pieces in your room.


Get Bold with Bookshelves

Bookshelves aren't just for books. Incorporate some freestanding bookshelves, and use them to display a colorful collection of pottery, figurines or glassware.


Seasonal Slipcovers

Buy a couch slipcover for every season, and change it out as desired. Try light, airy colors such as light blue, yellow, white, or green for the spring and summer months and deep, rich colors such as purple, gold, red or navy for autumn and winter. You can also try the same with duvet covers for your bedroom.


Colorful Carpet

Adding a colorful rug can enhance the décor of any room. If you're in a creative mood, spruce up an old rug or create your own using carpet remnants, bonding carpet and carpet tape. Use a sketchbook to draw a template for your new carpet design. Then, visit your local carpet store and ask for remnants in different colors. Mark off the back of an existing rug with marker and cut out the pattern using a straight edge ruler and utility knife. Use this cut out as a stencil for the remnant and cut out a piece of the remnant in that shape. Lastly, insert the remnant pieces into the holes and adhere by taping the back.


Reinvent Your Headboard

With endless color, texture and design options, fabric is the perfect way to lend new color and personality to your space. Without a stitch of thread, you can shed new light on your bedroom by fashioning a gorgeous tufted headboard. Simply cut out a wooden template for your headboard, then wrap the piece in foam, batting and finally your chosen fabric, fastening the materials taut to the headboard with a heavy-duty staple gun. For an elegant finish, gather fabric and hammer down upholstery nails to create a simple diamond pattern throughout the headboard. Once complete, attach the new piece to your existing headboard, or mount it directly to the wall behind your bed.


Don't Forget About Lights

Add color with lighting? Sure! A simple solution would be to add colored bulbs to some of your light fixtures. Incandescent lighting can add more warmth, and accent lighting can highlight an area of the room adding some additional cheer.