4 Ways to Illuminate Your Decor at Home

2. Determine the Room's Role

Now that you know the different types of lights, you'll need to ask yourself a few questions. How does each room function? What kind of mood do you want to create? How can different lighting types be best applied to create a desired effect?

For instance, you will need ambient lighting in every large space for navigational purposes (e.g., to keep from tripping over furniture). Beyond that, the room's function will help determine other types of lighting that will need to be installed. In a reading room, you will probably want to place a table or standing lamp next to each chair or sofa where reading will take place. Hanging individual light fixtures over work areas in the kitchen (e.g., over an island countertop, above the sink, etc.) will provide extra illumination when chopping vegetables or cleaning dishes. In a library, undermounted, recessed lighting on the shelves will aid in a book search, while creating a great effect.