Illuminate Your Taste in 3 Easy Steps

3. Simple Highlights

Quick tips for adding natural hues to your dining area that are perfect for entertaining.

  • Nourishing Napkins: Add fabric or good-quality paper napkins to your table using one color or a combination of the appetite-pleasing colors to your table setting.
  • Cheery Chairs: Give a set of wooden chairs a new dimension by painting them solid apple red, buttery yellow or dusky orange. For a rich, café-inspired look, paint chairs a combination of dark mocha and light latte brown on the rungs. Go natural and neutral with a celery green or add a more dramatic pop with an avocado-inspired color. For an elegant look without a permanent change, create simple chair covers that bring in delicious seasonal hues.
  • Enhanced Ceiling: Instead of stark white, consider painting the ceiling of your dining area a deeper color for a more intimate, cozy feel. Lighting for dining is usually dim, which only enhances the look of a darker color. Just be sure to check how your color will look in daylight as well before starting your painting project.

Whatever your personal style happens to be, incorporating delicious, natural colors into your home is a simple way to refresh your time around the table and in the kitchen.