7 Inexpensive Artwork Projects


Unleash Your Inner Artist

Pressed flowers make a very good piece of art, especially in smaller frames. Use a cloth backing with a color that will make the flower stand out. This is a great way to preserve and display bouquets and boutonnieres from special occasions like weddings.

You can also create art by cutting up books. Find clip art books at bookstores and arts and crafts supply stores. Choose a book with a theme you're interested in, like Victorian art prints. Then cut out the images and create collages that you can frame and display.

Personal photos can also be transformed into works of art. Simply print a close-up, detailed photo in black and white on normal printer paper. Next, coat with decoupage glue to seal, and adhere to a canvas with the glue. You can use a blank canvas or canvas that has been painted. Once the glue has dried, use paint pens or thinned craft paint to add soft color to the light portions of the printed photo.

When it comes to art, you can hang more than just photographs in your home. Whatever your room's theme, it's easy to enhance its d├ęcor by adding new elements that echo the shapes, colors and styles of your space. Try purchasing rosette moldings at your local craft store-they're perfect for mounting a variety of decorative materials. Simply drill a hole in the center of the rosette, insert a small dowel rod, then use a hot glue gun to adhere materials like beads or seashells to the rod. Use basic wall mounting hardware to hang the rosette on your wall.

Blank canvas squares are perfect for your own painting project. Available at many art supply stores, as well as arts and crafts stores, these "tiles" of professional quality painting canvas are wonderful for even the most untrained artist to add a small painting or scripted word or phrase. Create many yourself, or have friends and family members each paint a square for you. Then hang them in an evenly spaced grid-pattern on a wall for a modern yet personalized look.

A framed quotation is a beautiful way to display the written word, as well as a nice reminder of a powerful sentiment. Find colored stationery or try making your own, and then stylishly write the quotation on it to create a beautiful piece of art. Here is one of our favorites, from former First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt:

"If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor."