Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Chef's Kitchen

This bright white kitchen is fit for a gourmet chef.

Any top chef would warm to this light-filled, efficient kitchen. White cabinetry and brick tile enhance a clean, open feel conducive to cooking.

With an abundance of counters and a large sturdy table that can perform as a work surface or a dining spot, it's easy to prepare an intimate dinner or a celebratory feast for friends.

In close proximity to the table, the well-lit counter to the right is used as a serving station and bar. A second sink located here prevents family and friends from lining up at the main sink across the way.

and appli­ance garages for smaller tools. and appli­ance garages for smaller tools.
and appli­ance garages for smaller tools.
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Stainless-steel cabinets on both sides of the businesslike range are stocked with the chef's favorite spices and oils so he can quickly grab what he needs without moving from his command position. A pot spigot is ideal for filling pasta pots right at the range -- thus saving more steps.

Traditional cabinets surround the room on three sides and feature a variety of storage options. Maximizing the efficiency of the cooking zone, cabinetry is set above and below the counters. The deep drawers could slide out with a slight tug to reveal pots, pans, and lids. Smaller drawers could hold cooking utensils.

Despite its grand size, the room remains organized. Simple hardware and a wood floor are two more well-thought-out decisions contributing to the kitchen's timeless appeal.

While this kitchen is white with neutral accents, adding color is a surefire way to spice up the look of any room. See the next page for ideas on adding color to your kitchen.

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