Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Single Color Kitchen Decor

A pair of stools and a small granite counter are perfect for a shared moment.

Blue-as-the-Mediterranean tiles transform a small city kitchen into a larger-than-life superstar!

Selecting the same color tiles for walls and floor -- and coupling them with a plain white ceiling for contrast -- produces a much more dramatic effect than would just one method without the other. Against the heady blue background, the white cabinets and appliances snap to their best attention.

The plain-front Euro-style cabinets won't settle for ordinary either, though. Two clear fronts break up the sameness and keep the cabinetry from appearing top-heavy.

The little island comes across as dainty (thanks to its pristine white base), but it's also a very accessible work area for the cook. On the cook's side of the island, pullout drawers could contain table utensils and linens.

A cozy eat-in area makes great use of the available space.

Off in the corner out of harm's way, there's a quiet location for a good-size breakfast table and four chairs. Light-collecting glass doors have intriguing accents of blue and yellow to complement the kitchen's blue color scheme, while the black table and chairs echo the tile's dark grout lines.

Cleverly designed soffits focus light on all the right places so no one's ever in the dark. To maintain the unfettered look, a simple white blind dresses the kitchen window.

Whether you like casual, vintage, colorful, wood, or even Southwestern styling, this article's decorating tips can help you transform your kitchen into the room of your dreams. Use the tips we've presented, or mix and match them to create your own unique kitchen style.

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