Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Using Bold Colors in Kitchen

©Knight Photography White countertops include confetti-like sprinkles of color similar to those on the cabinets.

Enlarged by six welcome feet, this kitchen was given a new identity. With wooden beams overhead, the room was already on its way to being warm and welcoming. This newly decorated kitchen has become a colorful, engaging place that wakes the family every morning.

Maintaining the essence of a modern New Mexico home, vibrant colors -- cobalt blue, turquoise, red, purple, and cantaloupe -- were chosen. Against stainless-steel appliances, such retro choices make for a very special, and definitely not boring, kitchen.

Right in the middle, a generous-size island holds sway with its confetti-sprinkled top, affording a place for grabbing a bite or just hanging out. Storage, situated around the room, helps the setting stay orderly. But, it's the wonderful color that makes the room so charismatic and endearing to visitors, enticing them to stay.

©Knight Photography The wide island offers storage and provides room for a sink and a work space.

For a more earthy look, consider adding decorative wood to your kitchen. Read the next section for advice on integrating wood into your kitchen décor.

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