Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Stainless Steel Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Honey-colored cabinets and a pale-tiled floor brighten the scene.

The bones of this California kitchen were fine. A functional layout was also in place. But what was missing was personality. Today, remodeled with simple wood cabinets and new stainless-steel appliances and other accents, the light-washed room has a fresh-as-a-daisy aura.

The professional range brings it up to speed in the cooking department, and the cabinetry imbues it with a shipshape tone.

Plenty of stone countertop on either side of the range provides the cook with ample work space even when the kitchen is filled with people. Strategically located track lighting also adds to the room's new appeal.

However, what really sets it apart is the stainless-steel-top dining table, which will seat a dozen guests. This space was created for a casual lifestyle, so the best dinner parties transpire in the kitchen.

Light-toned chairs with comfortable seats keep the setting looking open. When a group is expected, more chairs are easily added.

The symmetrical arrangement of rippled-glass-front cabinets on either side of the range escalates the tidy ambiance.

Aiming for a modern look, decoration is minimal. A wall clock fills the gap above the range perfectly, its round shape being an excellent foil for the boxy cabinets on either side. Time flies, it seems, in this kitchen.Want a kitchen that's as contemporary as this one, but with the feel of an upscale eatery? Find ideas for an invitingly elegant kitchen in the next section.

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