Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Vintage Kitchen Decorating

White brick tiles -- easy to clean and long-lasting -- are classic fixtures in vintage kitchens.

Sure, nostalgia has its place. But with today's busy pace, you want a kitchen that also functions up to speed. With a sea of easy-to-clean white brick tiles and a skirted island that has its own make-a-salad or fix-a-drink sink, this could be the one!

A quiet beige and white theme harks back to a simpler time. The deep farmhouse sink is up to almost any chore you hand it -- even the complex ones. A second sink, on the island, resembles an antique bowl. And the restored cooking range may look old, but be assured it performs like a pro.

Arranged in its own arched alcove -- accompanied by a small adjunct table with a butcher-block top -- the range is the focal point of the room. The range's chrome accents also tie in beautifully with the stainless-steel fridge.

The breakfast nook adds even more personality to this charming vintage kitchen.

While the cook wields the pots and pans, guests can assemble on the cozy, comfy banquette. The large square table easily accommodates a hungry crowd.

The walls of the breakfast room are upholstered. The crisscross ribbons hold an ever-changing roster of photographs to provoke lively conversation around the table. Two square ottomans on wheels roll up next to the banquette when extra seats are required. The simple hanging lamp is just right for a candle.

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