How to Make a Small Room Seem Big

Keeping accessories to a minimum and cutting down on clutter can help make a small space seem bigger than it is.­ See more pictures of home design.
iStockphoto/Brian Pamphilon

­So you finally have your own place. You can't wait to move in and get settled. Next week you'll order a new living room set, an­d your mom decided to give you the great hutch you've always admired. Then may­be you can think about what else to do with the rest of your space.

But then again … it sure is filling up fast. Was it this small when you signed the lease?

Moving and settling into a new home can be a daunting task. It certainly doesn't make it any easier when you can barely get your things through the door. But don't despair; you're not alone in your struggle for space efficiency. Space can be a hot commodity - especially in densely populated urban areas. There have been many before you who have tackled the issue of making the most of a small space. As such, there are several helpful solutions you may want to try.

If time, money and room weren't an issue, the easiest thing to do would be just to add on more space. But for most of us, that's simply not an option. Luckily, there ar­e simpler solutions out there. There are plenty of ways to make your small rooms look spacious.

­In most cases, you can give the illusion of having space with minimal effort. For example, lightly colored wall paint can make a room appear larger. Wide floorboards and striped rugs can also give the illusion of space. As you continue reading, you'll see there are plenty of other small factors like these that play up a small space.

So before you bring in the construction crew or start shopping for a bigger home, head over to the next page for some specific tips on how to help make your small room look big. You might just be surprised at how much potential that tiny bedroom or living room has!