Modern Decor Ideas

Luxury With a Twist

©2007 William Lesch
©2007 William Lesch
Give large kitchens special treatment when planning your decor.

A kitchen with generous square footage that's open to other living areas demands special treatment, such as this modern decor kitchen. In this space, the design goes beyond special to the realm of spectacular thanks to luxurious materials and artful accents.

A massive work island, topped in variegated granite, is already a focal point. With the addition of a slim tier made of glass, the island becomes a handsome snack bar that lets guests visit comfortably with the cook.

Cabinets and shelving rounded against the walls recall the sleek style of Art Deco, but there's nothing retro about the overall effect. Artfully arranged lights, some recessed, some on a curved track, add even more glamorous sparkle.

©2007 William Lesch Touches of Art Deco give some depth to this kitchen's overall design.

While many contemporary kitchens use soffits or have cabinets that reach to the ceiling, this one takes a page from traditional style and leaves room for display. Accessories are large and dramatic, in keeping with the space itself.

Color can add some spice to kitchens of all sizes. On the next page, get some ideas for adding bold colors to your kitchen.

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