Modern Decor Ideas

Extraordinary Order

Wooden cabinetry provides storage space without intruding on the room's design.

Most of us have more stuff to stash than we have storage solutions. The secret is to outfit your modern-decor space with all the cabinetry you need to keep everyday clutter out of sight but not out of reach.

In this high-rise home, handsome wood cabinetry combines the warmth of paneling with extensive practical storage. Horizontal bars are modern and direct the eye to the dazzling city scene beyond the windows. A mix of open and closed storage gives the room variety.

Colorful book bindings can add to your overall look.

Even if you don't have a great view, you can create an arresting focal point by hanging a large-scale piece of art against a contrasting wall niche. Bright fabrics and the colorful bindings of books come together for a vibrant, uncontrived look. Dramatic lighting is key: If you can't install ceiling spotlights, hang can lights that blend into your ceiling.

Squares are both modern and classic decor elements. Keep reading to see ideas for using squares in your modern decor.

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