Modern Decor Ideas

Hip and Square

Orange silk pillows make a striking accent in a minimalist room.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a Scottish designer and architect, was one of the bright lights of the early modern age, which began in the late 19th century. A precise row of squares, interpreted in a variety of formats, is a hallmark of Mackintosh style and fits in perfectly with modern decor.

This austere bedroom plays with the square motif as a repeating element throughout the space. It's a virtue of modern style that such a simple device can pull the look together.

The air conditioning and heating unit is cleverly disguised by a Mackintosh-inspired grid.

To soften the many right angles in the space, warm and inviting colors lend a feeling of welcome. A room like this is proof you can have both a minimalist design and a comfortable living space.

You can use modern decor to turn your rooms into a modern fairy tale. Keep reading to learn about designing rooms with a touch of poetry.

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