Modern Decor Ideas

Dreamy Essentials

The bed is the focal point of any sleeping area.

Even in an open-plan modern-decor residence, most people prefer a sleep space that's relatively private. Bookcases are a popular way to attractively divide space, but you might also consider a row of handsome folding floor screens.

However you partition your space, the bed is always the focal point, so make sure it's an eye-catching one with lots of architectural presence. Fit in extra storage wherever you can, especially dual-purpose pieces: for example, a storage ottoman that lets you stash your stuff and then put your feet up.

Add colorful accents to your bedroom decor.

Add pampering comfort and style with a colorful, velvety rug to soothe bare feet, and don't forget a lamp that's easy on the eyes. Finally, indulge in that most romantic piece of furniture, a chaise lounge. After all, who couldn't use a little more romance?

A bathroom needs privacy first and foremost, but you don't have to sacrifice style. Continue to the next page to find ideas for customizing your modern bathroom.

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