Modern Decor Ideas

Inviting Color

Bold colors can enhance a modern setting.

Crisp, clean styles common to modern decor can be eye-catching, but it's nice when their colors are inspiring, too. These living rooms are a case in point: Neutral floors and furniture create a simple, modern starting point.

But instead of leaving these settings in neutral, the designers reached for color. Two rooms feature the sherbet hues pistachio and raspberry, while the third uses the paint-box primaries -- red, yellow, and blue. Cut with creamy white, each looks chic and cheerful. The natural earth tones of wood floors and the tawny shades in the area rugs also lend warmth to these contemporary settings.

In this room, bold color is added to a neutral foundation.

To keep the look in bounds, add neutral accents; to rev up the excitement, use a few well-chosen works of art and decorative accessories in hues you love. Clutter-free contemporary style gives color a high-impact punch.

Accent pieces without clutter give extra oomph to this room's color scheme.

If your living space has a stunning view, don't hide it. On the next page, find ways to embrace and show off your room with a view.

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