Modern Decor Ideas


If you have a large space, take advantage of it with a luxurious bathroom floor plan.

Even in the most open of living plans, you'll want to build in real privacy when designing your modern-decor bathroom. If a conventional bath isn't already in the space, have the required plumbing enclosed by partitions of hard-wall construction at least eight feet in height.

In a loft, you may have the luxury of creating a bath as big as the supersize ones found in grand suburban houses, so why not set things up to suit yourself? A whirlpool tub, steam sauna, walk-in shower (great for lifelong accessibility), and separately enclosed toilet compartment are some of today's luxurious options that fit loft floor plans.

If you're confined by the relatively skimpy footprint of an apartment or a townhouse, you can still improve your comfort level. If you're a homeowner, consider gutting the room and borrowing inches from less-used, adjacent space.

If that's not feasible, install space-saving storage units from floor to ceiling. Paint the room in cool, pale tints, and use mirrors to further open the view. Add urban punch with black and chrome or classic glamour with brushed nickel or brass.

Embrace hydrotherapy in your bathroom. Keep reading to learn how to turn your modern bathroom into a home spa.

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