Modern Decor Ideas

Hydrotherapy Comes Home

With a pristine delivery of water from a ceiling-mount faucet, this overflowing tub takes bathing to a new level of relaxing comfort.

Today's modern-decor home spas rival the best commercial and club spas for hydrotherapy and all-around pampering. Even if your budget is less impressive, you can create a hip, restful environment in your bath.

Use pale neutral colors to visually expand the space and create a soothing feeling. Replace unattractive wall tiles, or paint them with special epoxy paint. Use a good quality low luster (not flat) paint on walled areas.

A large walk-in shower is a luxury you'll appreciate for years to come.

If you don't have a great shower, clean the stall and hang a clear curtain to let in more light. Replacing faucets and other fittings is fairly easy; even easier is replacing dated cabinet hardware.

A frosted window with horizontal panes is inspired by the Shoji screens of Japan.

Cover the floor with a neutral throw rug. Add a piece of furniture, such as a small chair or chest, and finish the look with candles and a humidity-loving plant or two.

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