Modern Decor Ideas

Victorian With a Twist

Warm off-white tones work better than stark white for a vintage look.

This unusual modern-decor bath encompasses the decorative drama of the Victorian era without the sentimental clutter.

The room is inspired by the products of industrial-age factories and foundries, which gave the European and American middle class access to the elaborate furnishings of the aristocracy.

A dramatic mirror with a distressed image of the Eiffel Tower recalls early 20th-century chic.

Used with a bit of tongue-in-cheek edginess, reproductions of these pieces are romantic but not too serious. Frosted acid-wash glass panes simulate old factory windows, giving a loftlike ambiance to the space and partitioning off the commode and shower areas.

The bathtub niche features a belt-driven dual-blade ceiling fan inspired by early industrial equipment.

A white beadboard ceiling and classic hexagonal tiles on the floor add subtle texture and reinforce the vintage urban mood.

Using metals in your bathroom can make it look industrial and modern, but still inviting. On the next page, find some ideas for adding metallics to your bathroom.

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