Modern Decor Ideas

Bathing Beauties

A sleek, modern column of brushed and polished metal upholds a glassy pool of color.

The bath may be the smallest room in your place, but it can still make a big style statement with modern decor. Each element, from the tub to the towel rack, can be an attractive asset to your design scheme -- without sacrificing a bit of practical function.

The sink is usually the focal point, so make the most of it with an extraordinary design.

A handsomely austere design gets the surprising lift of crystal inserts from the fabled French firm Lalique, one of the world's premiere brands of fine crystal.

You can choose a serene Zen-inspired sink or one that dazzles like colorful jewelry and still be true to clean-cut modern style.

This updated freestanding tub is both traditional and modern.

When it comes to the tub, skip the usual built-in for the timeless appeal of a freestanding tub, reinterpreted for today.

Neutral tones and cool colors create a peaceful bathroom space.

Or just treat yourself to fresh paint in a cool hue plus some new fittings and accents. An eye-catching faucet set or wall shelf can go a long way to create a dramatic, cool, or colorfully witty mood.

Choose your bathroom accessories carefully -- every piece adds to the effect.

In a small space, everything shows, so make it count.

The modern workspace needs to be functional, but it can look good at the same time. On the next page, learn about designing office spaces with a modern twist.

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