Modern Decor Ideas

Hip to be Square

©2007 These grown-up cubbyholes are perfect for both storing and displaying your books and art.

If you've left the cubicle for a modern-decor home office with a bit more floor space, consider employing a different sort of cube -- one that recalls the friendly cubbyhole compartments of your kindergarten days but with grown-up style.

Cubes make great display storage for personal treasures, decorative accents, and office supplies or files that don't need to be kept behind closed doors. Here, the handsome wood construction and open design of the cube unit give it an airier look than conventional closed storage.

©2007 Philip Ennis Photography Cube storage should be in a color similar to the walls to make the work area feel more spacious.

Finishing the walls in a color similar to your cube storage further blends these workhorses into the background, so your work area feels even more spacious.

A large home office can serve more than one purpose, combining a workspace and a media room into one modern space. On the next page, learn about designing multitasking modern office spaces.

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