Modern Decor Ideas

Design at Work

Modern workspaces call for modern storage solutions.

Working at home is more prevalent than ever, both for telecommuting employees and self-employed entrepreneurs. If you're one of these, make an investment in your productivity with a functional modern-decor office.

Even if you're not a home-base worker, you need some of the same elements to make it easy to pay bills, manage a busy personal schedule, and more. An ergonomically designed chair is a must, so try out as many as you need to find the best fit.

Find a table that's big enough to meet your home-office needs.

If you like to spread out your work or need a roomy table to work with clients (or to help with homework), a big conference desk is a great idea. If you're seriously wired, make a state-of-the-art computer desk your focal point.

Guests in your office will appreciate comfortable seating.

Beyond these basics, welcome guests (or take an inspirational catnap) on a handsome sofa, and take a whole new approach to filing storage. You'll profit every day when you put the "fun" in "functional" for your hardworking home office!

As we've learned throughout this article, modern decor can fit in every room in the house, and it can be adapted to work in all kinds of spaces, homes, and personal tastes. We hope you'll use these ideas to give your own home a touch of modern decor.


Mary Wynn Ryan is the author of numerous interior design books including The Ultimate Kitchen, The Ultimate Bath, Cottage Style, Fresh Country Style and Garden Style. She has written about home furnishings and interior design for various magazines and served as Midwest editor of Design Times magazine. She was also the director of consumer and trade marketing for the Chicago Merchandise Mart's residential design center. She is president of Winning Ways Marketing, an editorial and marketing consulting firm that specializes in home design and decorating.

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