Modern Decor Ideas

Creative Expression

©2007 David Duncan Livingston A white backdrop highlights the artwork and cherished items that complete this room.

A modern white shell might intimidate some condominium dwellers. But to the architect who lives in this modern-decor setting, this unit offers an irresistible opportunity to express her colorful personal style. She blends her love of all things Japanese with family pieces and objects collected on her travels.

Because carpeting is required by the building to muffle sound, the owner chose plain khaki carpet that mimics Japanese tatami mats. Over this neutral carpeting, dramatic jewel-tone rugs from Tibet put art underfoot.

©2007 Dramatic rugs are an essential piece of this room's design.

The white walls set off the owner's colorful Japanese prints. Illustrating successful eclectic style, modern furniture in white and black combines with traditional pieces in warm hues.

Industrial spaces are perfect candidates for modern decor. On the next page, learn how to dress up an industrial space and call it home.

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