Modern Decor Ideas

Entertaining Elements

Urban style doesn't have to be uncomfortable.

Making an impression and keeping it real in your modern decor do not have to be conflicting goals. Just reach for furnishings that express your urbane style while offering home-style comforts.

If you're stuck for a color scheme, bank on pale neutrals plus snappy black, or use the hues in a dramatic graphic rug as inspiration.

Look for fresh colors and comfortable upholstery when choosing big furniture pieces.

Then, pick your big furniture pieces: Reach for comfortable leather upholstery in fresh colors that express the tough-and-tender style of the city.

Storage pieces are a must for any home.

Stock up on inventive storage pieces that let you keep everyday clutter under control. Fill one prescription for gracious entertaining -- a table within reach of every seat -- with artful cocktail and end tables like the ones shown here.

For successful entertaining, have a table within reach of every chair.

When it comes to lamps and other accessories, choose designs that reinforce your modern sense of style. Whether you live in a huge loft or a tiny condo, the living space is the one where you want to pull out all the stops.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, while the dining room brings everyone together. Find decor ideas for your cooking and dining spaces on the next page.

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