Knock it Down: Open Floor Plan 101

3. Identify the Location of Pipes and Wires

Before deciding if you are going to take down a wall or portion of a wall, you’ll also want to determine if there are pipes, gas lines, or wires running through that wall that will need to be moved. Look at where your heating elements, plumbing fixtures, and electrical outlets lie in the room and see if they’ll need to be moved to a new location or removed altogether. This means that you’ll also need to consider which rooms are over a downstairs wall, as there could be pipes running to an upstairs bathroom or heater. Having to alter these systems can add quite a bit of cost to the overall project so it’s important to be aware of them in advance. Don’t start tearing down any walls until you have a plan in place for how your plumbing, gas, and electrical will be re-routed if necessary.