5 Quick and Easy Decor Projects


Accent Your Walls

A slightly more involved decorating project than the ones above is to paint one wall in a room a different color. This accent wall is an easy way to add vibrancy to a room.

When you choose the wall that you're going to turn into an accent wall, decide what the best feature in the room is and use paint to bring that out even more. It should probably be the focal point of the room, like a wall with a fireplace or a great piece of art on it.

Take a look around your room and figure out what the dominant color in the room is. Then choose a color that's complementary to that color.

Tip: When painting an accent wall, use a small roller to avoid wasting paint-a bigger roller will absorb more paint.

Sometimes it's difficult to decide on a single accent color for your space. If you're torn between two or three hues, you can incorporate all of them by painting bold bands of color across your wall. Simply use painter's tape to create broad stripes, double-checking with a level to ensure your lines are straight. Paint your desired colors in between the tape strips, then let dry and remove for a wall that's all your own.

Tip: Stripes can manipulate the perceived size of your room. Horizontal bands will make any wall appear wider, and vertical lines lend a sense of height to low- ceilinged spaces.