10 Methods to Quickly Refresh Your Home Decor

Shake up things in your home with a few simple tips.
Shake up things in your home with a few simple tips.

With a busy schedule, home décor projects can seem like a task that will never get completed. But our simple and inexpensive tips will give your plans a jumpstart. In almost no time, you can refresh the whole atmosphere of your home.


Simple Slipcovers

If you've never used slipcovers before, you'd be surprised at what a difference they can make. Purchase an inexpensive slipcover in a color you've always loved, but never had the pluck to purchase. Before you purchase, make sure it matches your existing décor; then simply slip it on your sofa, and see what it does for the room. Or, pick out a few funky, fashionable pillows to liven up your living room. Try floor pillows to create additional seating, or throw pillows to add decorative flair.

Use the same trick for a bedroom that needs a new look. Try embellishing inexpensive, plain pillows with a variety of decorative items like iron-ons, tassels, buttons and more.



Redesign Chairs

Give simple wooden chairs a unique new look that matches your refreshed décor by creating a pattern using drill bits. Draw your desired pattern on the back of a flat or slightly curved wooden chair using a pencil. Use a drill and drill bits in different sizes to drill through the chair, following your pattern.


Paint Fabric

If you still want a completely different look for your upholstered furniture, but don't want to reupholster or cover the piece, try fabric paint. Make sure the fabric paint you buy can be used on your upholstery, and always test the paint before applying. In addition, you also can use fabric paint on carpeting and rugs to revitalize a room.


Swap Switch Covers

It's often the little touches that go the longest way in spicing up your space. For example, changing your switch plate covers can complete a design and/or give your room that something extra special. Swap the boring, white plastic variety with covers that have some color. You can buy decorative switch plate covers at most home stores, or you can create your own with a little craft paint. Buy unfinished wooden covers, and use paint and/or stencils to create designs that match your existing décor.


Grab the Glue

When you think of decoupage, you probably think of gluing images on objects. But did you know you could decoupage fabric? Decoupage patterned fabric onto the legs of a table, or the base of a lamp for an interesting change of pace. You can even decoupage images cut from books, wallpaper or colored paper onto the wall to create a mural.


Transform Tabletops

Do you have a table that needs a little sprucing up? Turn your ordinary table into a treasure by refinishing the top. Using tile and paint, it's easy to transform your tabletop from boring to extraordinary.


Replace Lampshades

If your lamps came as a complete set, don't be afraid to switch things up with different lampshades. Look for interesting lampshades at flea markets and antique or home décor stores. To liven a lampshade the do-it-yourself way, use a hot glue gun to affix a strip of beading to the bottom of the shade.


Rethink Lighting

Getting creative with your lighting techniques is an easy way to change the feel of a room. Using different techniques-like uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting and silhouetting-can change an environment from a workspace to a party space.


Modify Knobs

Changing the knobs and drawer pulls on your cabinets can immediately update the look of a room. Trade out the standard pulls that came with your kitchen drawers with something that matches your décor. Pulls and knobs come in all sorts of shapes-vertical, horizontal, ring, and modern designs-as well as different materials, such as glass, mother-of-pearl, or nickel. You can find them at your local home goods or hardware store.


Spruce Up Storage

You need your storage, but it doesn't add a lot to the look of your room. Try different storage solutions that also look good-like hanging fun, pretty containers that can act as art and be functional. If that doesn't work, simply cover your storage area up by hanging curtain panels in front of it.

It doesn't take much to spice up your space. And with options ranging from simply covering your sofa with a slipcover to refinishing the top of your end table, there's bound to be a rejuvenation idea that works for you.