Refresh Your Space in 4 Easy Steps

1. Clear Away Clutter

Challenge: You wish your space could feel more spacious. It's funny how clutter can build up around you and you may not realize it. Perhaps the arrangement of your favorite vases, photos or knick-knacks no longer seems purposeful or needs to be refreshed.

Bright Idea: Streamline your decor and add visual interest to your space without buying a single thing. First, go room by room, putting all your knick-knacks and accent items into a box. With less clutter, you should already feel a difference in your area.

Now, from your box, pick three items for each room. The trick is to arrange them in a whole new spot. Isn't it amazing how new your old items can feel?

Finally, think about the leftovers. Maybe you'd like to save them for next time you refresh your space. Either way, this simple change of scenery will not only open up your space, it will open your eyes back up to some of your most cherished treasures.