Refresh Your Space in 4 Easy Steps

2. Lighten the Linens

Challenge: You'd like your space to feel a little lighter. Oftentimes, heavy fabrics like wools, knits, crushed velvets and dark colors tend to make us think of cold winter nights instead of warm days.

Bright Idea: Lighten the fabrics around you. This can be achieved easily through a simple change of material or color. For your curtains, think about replacing a heavy drape with a sheer panel. A light cotton weave is also a nice choice because it lets light in without sacrificing privacy. For color and more texture inspiration, look to your summer wardrobe. You'll probably see a lot of bright, pastel and natural colors as well as linen and cotton fabrics. All of these will work to help you create a more summery space.

Next, change heavy, plush rugs to light, woven mats. This is a great time to give those winter rugs a little break and a good cleaning, which will help prolong their durability against snowy seasons to come. Another great option is to leave the floors bare. It's less expensive than buying a seasonal replacement and simplifies your cleaning routine, too.