Refresh Your Space in 4 Easy Steps

3. Rethink the Furniture

Challenge: You'd like your space to feel new without remodeling. Perhaps that "same old" feeling is happening because you've had your furniture placed the same way for a while. Often, when we move into our home, we find the most optimal furniture arrangement and then leave it that way.

Bright Idea: Make your space feel like an altogether different place through a new arrangement. Reorganizing your existing furniture is a great opportunity to open up your floor space and make a big change without purchasing new pieces.

Start by re-positioning your largest furniture, like a hutch or couch. This will make the greatest visual impact and it will open up space to rearrange smaller pieces. Also consider turning items catty-corner to fit them in spots you may not have considered otherwise.

Next, switch smaller furniture from one room to another to open up your space. Swap end tables. Tuck your coffee table away for the season. Move a plant stand to a different window. Rearrange the appliances on your kitchen counter.

As you go, consider whether or not you really use each piece. If not, you might like to sell a few in a tag sale or give some to a friend who's recently moved to a larger place. It's amazing the way that changing your view from the sofa can refresh your whole outlook at home.