Refresh Your Space in 4 Easy Steps

4. Refresh Your Rooms

Challenge: You'd like to give a new spin to some of the essential items around your home. There are some functional things that you either can't move or can't do without. You wish there was a way to refresh them easily and inexpensively.

Bright Idea: Add new beauty and a touch of fun to the more functional items in your space without spending much at all. Lamps and fireplaces are two great places to start.

Illuminate your lighting with nice, crisp white shades. This will brighten up the light they give off, thereby brightening up your whole space, too. Place beige or dark-colored shades in a safe place to use in a season like fall, when you're looking for a warmer, more candlelit feel.

Next, for an added spot of color in the room, consider lining the interior of your fresh shade with a bright color or pattern. Just make sure the fabric isn't so thick that it starts to block light from shining through.

Since you don't use your fireplace year round, but you can't move it, think about ways that you can repurpose it through warm seasons. One idea is to use it as a decorative space for displaying your favorite houseplants. Use an assortment of pot sizes, shapes and plant types to fill the area and add visual interest. Soon, you'll have a beautiful indoor garden right in your living room. You could also use the spot for fresh flowers or to create a romantic candlescape.

By reducing some of the items around your home and rediscovering others, you'll be sure to find that less is more when it comes to decor. And through very little expense, you've created a more open, airy space you can enjoy with family and friends.