3 Easy Ways to Set Your Holiday Table with Style

3. Accent Your Style

  • Group accent pieces in unexpected combinations; place Great-Aunt Martha's ornate silver candlesticks next to a rustic bowl of pinecones tipped with gold spray paint.
  • If you are having a buffet rather than a sit-down dinner, try using small accent pieces among the food offerings to add some interest to the table. A pretty bowl filled with ornaments makes a lovely centerpiece that won't interfere with guests trying to serve themselves. Tack icicle lights to the tablecloth around the perimeter of the table.
  • Nothing enhances a warm holiday mood like candlelight. Dim or eliminate overhead lights, then place candles in a variety of candlesticks among the food. (Get dripless candles so you don't have to worry about scraping wax off the food.)
  • Do you have a collection of objects that might serve as holiday table decorations-for example, pretty bottles or boxes? Even a collection of whimsical animal figurines would work well for a more casual table.
  • Weave evergreen roping or wired craft ribbon and strings of tiny white lights among the elements of your table. (But be sure to tape down electrical cords to avoid any accidents.)