4 Simple Answers for Your Decor Questions

4. Showcase Your Child's Art

Question: "Is there any way to show off little Jimmy's masterpieces without making our house look like a day care center?"

Answer: If you have young children, chances are the refrigerator is about to topple over with magnets clinging to prized artwork. Continue to encourage your little artist by creating a less cluttered gallery where their latest and greatest work is rotated periodically.

Entry halls, back halls, or family rooms are great choices for creating such galleries. Simply collect several large frames of similar style (look at second hand shops or inexpensive frame stores-you don't even need the glass). Paint them all the same color, perhaps to match the trim of the room. Create a grouping by hanging them together. Then, using sticky putty, set your child's artwork inside each frame for a week, a month, etc. Children will delight in the special attention and placement their art receives-and you can enjoy it without the clutter of yellowing construction paper all over the fridge (you can pack away the art safely after its exhibit is complete).

We can create warm, enjoyable interiors despite the realities of family life. Picture-perfect rooms are for magazines...we prefer a tasteful, lived-in look with style, flair, and personality!