Is it possible to make tiny home offices out of closets?

Live in a small apartment and think you don't have room for a home office? Think again! That closet full of junk you never use and clothes you never wear could be all the space you need to create your own home office.

In order to get full access to all the space in the closet, you may want to remove the doors or replace them with bi-fold or accordion-type doors. Also consider adding a lock to the door so your kids can't get into your workspace. If you're a do-it-yourself-er, you can use a piece of plywood or a solid wooden door cut to size as a desktop. Install it as a shelf or rest it on existing shelf ledges. If you're not that handy, you can buy a small desk or have one custom made to fit.


If you don't have a source of electricity near your closet, get the closet wired with outlets for your phone, electricity and modem. Install a decent light fixture in the closet ceiling so you don't have to waste precious desk space with a table lamp. When you remove the clothing bar, you'll have lots of functional space to work with. Build shelves in to the closet walls and use "dead space" either by knocking down the header and return walls (top wall area and walls abutting the doors) or by filling the back and corners of the closet with items you don't need to access all the time, like filing cabinets and your CPU.

For a cheaper option, leave the clothing bar in and hang storage baskets from it. Fill these with supplies so they don't take up desk space. Stack things whenever possible. If pieces of equipment have venting on top, use chair-leg protectors to provide space between them so they don't get too warm.