4 Ways to Decorate with Grass

4. Pretty Placements

Now that you have your grass planted, here are some decorating ideas:

  • Place a row of smaller grass planters down the middle of your dinner table for an intriguing centerpiece.
  • A long, narrow planter with grass shooting out the top is a nice cap to a credenza or a low hall cabinet.
  • Smaller pots full of grass look very pretty on windowsills.
  • Ease the transition from outdoors to indoors by placing a pot of grass near sliding glass doors.
  • Place one next to the sink in the bathroom for a simple shot of color and life.
  • For seasonal celebrations, arrange decorated eggs on top of your grass. Or, for a golfer in your family, tee up some golf balls on your grass decorations.

It's odd how grass can give a natural and down-to-earth feel, while at the same time feel sleek and modern, but that's why it is such an intriguing interior design element. Try growing a pot of grass now, and in ten days you'll have a whole new look in your home.

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