3 Tips for Creating a Home Sanctuary

2. Calm Your Bedroom

The bedroom is your "escape hatch" from the stress and hassle of daily life-make it into a haven! Cozy, comforting fabrics rule in this space. Add the little decorative touches that we usually reserve for more "public" places in the house-plants, fresh flowers, candles in beautiful colors and scents. A small indoor fountain is another wonderfully soothing accent; the sight and sound of gently moving water is guaranteed to calm and restore you.

And if your bedroom is large enough, create your own private reading area here, too! Indulge in a comfy easy chair, and place a stack of all those books and magazines you've been wanting to get around to reading nearby. Do you have a portable CD/cassette tape player? Plug it in next to the chair, and set up a stack of CDs or tapes of relaxing music.

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