3 Tips for Creating a Home Sanctuary

3. Relax Your Bathroom

At a minimum, if the bathroom is clean and functional, you're OK! But even this space can be made personal, inviting, and soothing with a few small touches. Pamper yourself, your family, and your guests by making your bathroom into a mini-spa. Bring in candles and fresh flowers or houseplants-these small touches instantly brighten and warm up a room; in addition, their pleasant scents make the room more inviting.

Make "spa bags" for family and guests to enjoy; many specialty bath shops have sample or trial sizes of products such as lotion, shampoo, and bath and shower gels, so you don't have to invest a lot of money or time. You can add bath and grooming tools such as loofahs or bath scrunchies, pumice stones, and emery boards. Or take a cue from fancy restaurants-in a guest bathroom or powder room, set up a pretty (but unbreakable!) tray with trial sizes of lotions, hand soaps, hair spray, and other niceties for guests to enjoy.

There are a few other touches that can go a long way toward making your bath more inviting. A bath pillow (available at home and bath shops) and a basket or rack of magazines might be welcome during those long soaks in the tub. A shower head with variable sprays is another little indulgence that family and guests alike are sure to appreciate.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of the right towels! Invest in some thick, fluffy towels and washcloths; spring for some bath sheets (oversized bath towels) if you really want to treat yourself right-you can get some really wonderful bath linens inexpensively at discount home stores.

Now, doesn't it really feel good to come home?

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