4 Wonderful Winter Decor Ideas

Add some festive touches to prepare for the holidays.
Add some festive touches to prepare for the holidays.
Courtesy of Homemadesimple.com

The holidays are a time to celebrate all the blessings in your life, so let your d├ęcor reflect your joyous spirit. These ideas will add the vibrant color and charm of the season as well as reflect the beauty of your good fortune.

1. Paint Panes

Tell everyone you've caught the spirit of the season from the moment they see your home with these simple window treatments. Lightly frost your front windows with spray snow, or frost a border along the outside edge or bottom. Then, place an electric candle in each window to create a frosty glow.

2. Color the Table

Make your dinner table look truly festive by tying a red or gold velvet bow to the back of each chair. Complement the bows with a matching velvet table runner and a simple centerpiece such as a clear glass bowl filled with small glass ornaments of red, green and gold.

Buy some inexpensive stemware and use glass paint to dress them up by painting stripes of alternating colors on the stems or some other seasonal pattern such as a green holly leaf with red berries. The holly leaf pattern would look great painted on plain white napkin rings, too.


If you don't want to use the stemware at the dinner table, fill them up with layers of colored sand and use them as a colorful decoration.

3. Deck the Halls with Gifts

Watch the "wow factor" on the faces of your guests when they walk into your home to see dazzling gifts hanging from your walls. Take some of the photos and artwork down from your walls and wrap them in a wrapping paper that complements your overall holiday decoration scheme. Top them off with a big ribbon and bow, as well as a gift tag. Besides adding to your overall decoration effect, it's a good way to cover up some photos or art that might look out of place when your home is decorated for the holidays.

4. Captivate Children

Get your children or young holiday guests involved in the decorating fun by popping up a big batch of popcorn and letting them string it together. Intersperse fruity cereal with the popcorn on the string to add color, and hang it on a bush or tree outside for a natural decoration and a winter treat for the birds. Purchase plastic craft needles for your young decorators to use, which are safe for small hands and fingers.