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How to Decorate Oddly Shaped Windows

Bay windows, arched windows and hexagonal windows are unique details that are often appealing to new homebuyers. That is, until it comes to figuring out how to decorate them. Regardless of the shape, owners still need to be able to control light and keep things private, but standard window coverings don't usually come in unusual shapes, so rarely is there a pre-fab solution. Don't worry, though, there are many creative solutions that will do your window and your decorating scheme justice.

Curtains and draperies are the easiest fix for most windows because they're the simplest to customize. Tall and narrow windows are at least shaped like a typical window, but their different dimensions are often amplified by a set of regular curtains. The key to making it work is to hang the curtains wider than you would a normal-sized window. This will create the illusion that the window is wider than it really is. Patterns can also help change how a window's shape is viewed. For example, overly wide windows benefit from a long vertical line that helps draw your attention away from the width.

Stuck on what to do with an arched window? You can spend a bunch of money on custom fixes or just hang the curtain rod across the square part of the window, leaving the arch exposed. The arched part is probably the most interesting feature of the window, and it's usually high enough to keep people from looking in. Keeping the arch open will also ensure a regular stream of natural light. You can pair an arched valance with the drapery fabric to complete the look.

If you'd like all of your window treatments to match, blinds are a great option. Most blind companies offer all sorts of custom sizes and shapes, and they can be tied together with existing blinds by using the same size, material and color. Plantation shutters are a great architectural choice that come in all shapes and sizes and can be custom built to fit your oddly shaped window like a glove. But keep in mind, the more custom the blinds, and the more windows you have, the price will get increasingly more expensive.

Window clings are an inexpensive option for decorating oddly shaped windows. These adhesive mats come in all kinds of patterns and colors -- some even are designed to mimic stained glass windows. They adhere to your window and block the view while still allowing light in. The best part is, you can cut them yourself to fit any oddly-shaped windows, and if you ever decide you want to switch it up, they're usually easy to remove.