Decorating Styles and Techniques

Decorating styles and techniques for home design abound, giving you lots of options for your home. Learn how to make the decision that is right for your design and technique preferences.


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3 Methods for Understanding Color Concepts

Are you looking to learn more about understanding color concepts? Check out this article and learn more about understanding color concepts.

4 Ways to Decorate with Grass

Are you looking to use grass to decorate? Check out this article and learn more about how to use grass to decorate.

3 Tips for Creating a Home Sanctuary

Are you looking to welcome home style in your house? Check out this article and learn more about how to welcome home style.

Top 10 Retro-themed Rec Rooms

What better place to create some playful nostalgia than your rec room? Here are 10 retro themes that'll take you away from it all and transport you into another time.

Vignette Pictures

Yard sales and flea markets are great places to pick up classic vignette items like vases, trinkets, mirrors and old albums. Learn how to create your own with this visual guide.

10 Plants for Small Spaces

If you've ever lived in a tiny apartment, you know how hard it can be to find plants that won't overwhelm your space. If you're looking for the perfect bloom for your teeny home, start here.

5 Tips for Designing for Small Spaces

You don't have to have a lot of room to display a lot of style. Here are some tips that will transform small spaces.

Top 10 Design Myths

With channels of home decorating shows a remote click away and a bundle of design magazines on the shelves, DIY decorating has become all the rage. But you don't have to follow every rule.

Furnishing for Comfort and Style

For a decorated room to be a success, you have to feel good when you're in it, and you have to want to come back to it again and again. That usually means a room that's comfortable and stylish at the same time. So, how do you achieve it?

Scavenger Hunt: Finding Home Accessories that Reflect the Real You

Accessorizing a house can be a real challenge, even for the most creative of minds. It's hard to know where to begin, so here are some tips for finding accessories that reflect you and your sense of style.

10 Trims Around the House

Whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, you'll find affordable and easy-to-use trim options to spruce up your home and add an accent to walls and floors.

10 Ways to Light Up Your Home

We've all been in rooms that just feel good. They have a palpable, comfortable atmosphere that makes you want to put up your feet and stay a while. And the lighting probably had something to do with it.

What is wicker?

Wicker has been around since ancient Egypt and in the United States since the Mayflower. And although it's had some ups and downs, it's still a popular design choice for many.

How to Salvage a Garage Sale Find

You've just driven past a garage sale spread out like a buffet across someone's driveway and front lawn, but how do you decide which items are gems and which ones are fodder for the nearest landfill?

What's so great about teak wood furniture?

Teak wood furniture is among the world's most durable -- and most expensive. Why does teak wood cost so much? Is it even worth the price?

How to Furnish a Small Space

The last few decades have seen houses get bigger in size and price, but there may be changes coming. If you have to downsize, how can you make the space stylish and functional?

10 Unique Castles

Castles captivate us with their long, exciting histories of war and fortune and the influential people who graced their grounds. But some have that little something extra.

How is fabric created?

Sure, we all put on clothes every day, but have you ever stopped to think how many moments in your life are associated with some form of fabric? Where does it all come from?

How to Make a Large Space Feel Homey

You're moving into a much bigger house -- more than doubling your living space. How will you make your spacious new abode feel as comfortable and cozy as your tiny two-bedroom bungalow?

How to Make a Small Room Seem Big

You've unloaded the last of the furniture and boxes off the truck. Now as you walk around your new apartment, your first thought is, "Was it this small when I signed the lease?"

What's the difference between a designer and a decorator?

Many of us are hopeless when it comes to decorating our homes. We can't decide which furniture, what color scheme, or how to best use the features and rooms in our home. So we look to others for help. But do we need a designer or a decorator?

Top 10 Must-have Home Accessories

Home decor encompasses many different elements of design, from what kind of flooring you use to how the furniture is arranged in each room. But real wow-factor shows up in your home accessories. They give your home its personality and character.

Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home can be both rewarding and challenging. If you are unsure of where to begin, the following articles are a great place to start. You'll find suggestions on everything from kitchen and bathrooms to bedrooms and home offices.

Modern Decor Ideas

Modern decor means clean lines, sleek spaces, sophisticated styling, and no unnecessary clutter. Discover ideas for modern decor in many different themes, such as Luxury with a Twist, World-Class Glamour, Hip to be Square, Magical Metallics, and more!

Cabin Decor Ideas

Add cabin style to your home's decor with the cabin decor ideas in this article. Helpful photos illustrate a variety of cabin decorating themes, including Mod Lodge, Cool and Contemporary, East Coast Cowboy, a Woodsy Retreat, and many more!