10 Things a Nursery Doesn't Need

Babies need more attention, love and affection than they do stuff. See more baby care pictures.

Preparing for the arrival of your baby can be a magical time. Designing a theme, choosing colors and selecting all the furniture and accessories to make the nursery the perfect environment for your infant can be completely engrossing and great fun. It'll take your mind off your aching back and shift your focus to the happy future instead of down to your swollen feet -- if you can see your feet at all, that is.

Because it's such a wonderful time, and parents naturally want their babies to have everything necessary to get a good start in life, there are lots and lots of products out there touted as must-haves for a well-outfitted, attractive nursery. If you're on a budget, dislike waste or just disapprove of buying items that have limited functionality, our list of 10 things your new nursery doesn't need will help separate the hype from the real deal when it comes to creating a practical and efficient room for your baby.