Guide to Decorating Kids' Rooms

Decorating & Design

When decorating kids' rooms, safety has to be your top consideration when shopping for any element. Beyond that, you have a wealth of delightful choices in furnishing and decorating a room that's (almost) as special as your child.

First, plan for function -- the basic things your child will need to do in the room. Then, choose background treatments, furniture, fabrics, and accessories with decorating power to spare. A strong vision will keep your effort on track; a flexible approach will keep the effort creative, cost-effective, and fun for you and your child. In this article you'll find:

Safety Issues When Decorating Kids' Rooms­
Decorate a room for your child that not only looks good but won't be harmful to its occupant with the helpful tips on this page.

Comfort Issues When Decorating Kids' Rooms
Learn how to decorate a child's room that's both physically and psychologically comforting in this section.

How to Choose Paint Color When Decorating Kids' Rooms
Check out this page for descriptions of primary and secondary color schemes and so much more.

How to Choose Patterns When Decorating Kids' Rooms
Find out when a pattern, like stripes or flowers, is the best bet in your kid's room here.

Tips for Buying Cradles and Cribs
Sleep peacefully knowing you've purchased the best cradle or crib for baby, thanks to the tips on this page.

Tips for Buying a Kid's Bed
Learn what to look for when purchasing that first "big boy" or "big girl" bed in this section.

How to Choose Kids' Bedding
Check out this page for ideas on how to jazz up a child's room with the bedding you choose.

How to Choose Storage Furniture for Kids' Rooms
Learn how to manage the clutter in your kid's room with help from the tips on this page.

How to Choose Furniture for Kids' Rooms
Sort through the variety of furniture options for children's rooms by reading the suggestions in this section.

Wall Treatments for Kids' Rooms
Check out this page for great ideas on adding color and pattern to walls.

Painting Kids' Rooms
Find step-by-step instructions, painting tips, and more here.

Decorative Finishes for Kids' Rooms
From sponging to stippling, the variety of decorative finishes you'll learn about on this page is sure to wow you.

Wallpapering Kids' Rooms
Find out when wallpaper is the best choice for your kid's room and tips to help you hang it here.

How to Stencil Kids' Rooms
Find stenciling tips and ideas to give your child's room a personal touch in this section.

Flooring for Kids' Rooms
Whether hardwood or carpet, the flooring in your child's room can look its best thanks to the tips on this page.

Window Treatments for Kids' Rooms
Take the time to read this section to help you select window treatments that will best suit your child's room.

Accessories for Kids' Rooms
Check out this final section to learn how to keep clutter to a minimum while still giving your child a chance to decorate his or her surroundings.

In the first section, we'll address the most important aspect of decorating a child's room -- safety.

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