Guide to Decorating Kids' Rooms

Window Treatments for Kids' Rooms

A child's room is no place for swooping draperies or dangling cords, but you do want to provide for light control so children can nap during the day and have privacy at night. Wood shutters are charming and substantial; those that cover only the bottom half of the window protect privacy but let in light, so you'll want to add roller shades or Roman shades on top. Gathered Roman shades, handsome even in simple canvas, look wonderful in a circus stripe. Pleated shades come in a variety of tints and patterns; bottom-mount versions can be pulled up from the sill to let in light but protect privacy.

Window Treatments for Kids' Rooms
Kids’ rooms can do without heavy window treatments. You can soften the look
and enhance the room’s scheme using motifs, fabrics, and colors from
the rest of the room. Designer: Angela Rowe, INTERIORS by Decorating Den.

Bamboo roller shades are available in colors as well as natural and dramatic tortoiseshell (gold and dark brown) hues, but even the simplest white cloth or vinyl roller shades can be ornamented with a variety of decorative treatments. A roller shade on top with simple café-length curtains below is perhaps the easiest and most economical solution; cotton-poly blend curtains are widely available in a great range of colors and patterns and are very easy to care for.

In our final section, we'll discuss the myriad accessories out there for kids' rooms.

Measuring Windows for Blinds and Curtains

When fitting a window with blinds or curtains, it's critical to get the correct measurements. So, before purchasing any window treatments, make a copy of the window shown here, measure your window accordingly, then write down the measurements along the corresponding arrows. Take this handy chart with you when shopping for curtains and blinds or when meeting with a decorator or seamstress.

Measuring Windows for Blinds and Curtains

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